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The Hollywood advantage™

There are many reasons to buy a franchise but only a few reasons not to. Rather than starting a business completely from scratch which can be a tougher experience than expected, or running a business with no brand awareness whom nobody has heard about, nor trusts, nor has faith in, consider buying a Hollywood Franchise™ or why not just a Hollywood Franchise License™ to profit greatly from The Hollywood Advantage™. Glance at the results, glance at the advantages, and then decide whether or not franchising with the Hollywood Services Group™ is suitable for you or not. Chances are you'll always be at a disadvantage without The Hollywood Advantage™ but please don't just take our word for it. Take a look for yourself.

What is The Hollywood Advantage™

Strong support network - Something as simple as being able to share experiences with others can make all the difference whether your business fails or becomes successful. And while you're sharing experiences you might as well share a moonwalk, a date, or a smile.

Proven business model - Profit greatly from the experience of an established enterprise who takes care of all the hard work, trials and errors, and boring tasks. All you have to do is to do what you do best (which now should be relatively simple) whatever that is...

Brand awareness - Operate under a well-recognized, well-known, trusted, familiar franchise brand and be loved right from the very start. This increases your chances of success and gives you that competitive edge you've been looking for, all inclusive!

Easy finance - Buying a Hollywood Franchise™ will always be more expensive than buying a Hollywood Franchise License™. Either way, banks are more likely to provide funding for a well-established franchise they trust rather than a risky new business venture.

Effective marketing - This is dealt with centrally by the head office so you won't have to worry about strategies, advertising, purchasing, artwork, planning, printing, and development. Instead daydream about palm trees and provide excellent customer service.

Low risks, high returns, results - Starting a business is like a shot in the dark; there is risk and fear involved not to mention uncertainty of the returns. Starting a franchise is like turning on the lights before taking the shot. Last time we checked, 8 out of 10 businesses that lasted more than 6 months on the high street was a franchise (we assumed was working for profits but we could be wrong.)

Evolution & growth - Reach new horizons. Find the path to a sure success. As we move the franchise brand forward, move your business forward, evolve spiritually to grow mentally or vice versa. Only with a Hollywood Franchise™ are the possibilities truly endless.

Location, location, location - Is the location of a business a vitality factor or an accident waiting to happen? Either way we are keen to help point you in the right direction by helping your set up in a territory where we actually see an opportunity not just blue skies.

Authorization to access every industry worldwide - Given yesterday's technology and our sophisticated franchise system today, we can reach into every industry there is, worldwide. Become a franchise in your industry and in a territory of your choice. Be international, be local, be free. But it doesn't stop there, so keep reading.

Easy franchising, in a box - Just open up, assemble the parts, and start running your own franchise. Our solution can't really go wrong as long as you have the required skills and follow the instructions on the box, carefully. Any questions? Call customer service.

No limits but 4 - There are no industry nor location specific limits. We only expect you to (1) be a professional at what you do (2) provide products & services that live up to franchise set specifications (3) provide excellent customer service (4) follow set franchise procedures. Hopefully this sounds fair and square and helps you avoid disappointment, penalty fees, and a withdrawn franchise license.

Structural & term flexibility - Whether considering a Hollywood Franchise™ or a Hollywood Franchise License™ you may attach to us in the manner that suits you best, for life or for Christmas. Run your own business individually but yet still be part of something really big.

Brand affiliation - Not so surprisingly the buying power of a franchise enterprise is gigantic. This is also true for its negotiation power. In addition, doors open automatically and life becomes easier than it actually is. It's like a dream for others but a reality for you.

Reliable business network - Business networking has never been more festive, more giving, and more efficient. In a healthy atmosphere you may combine business and pleasure in the mix that suits you best to help grow personal and business relationships.