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Hollywood Elite Priority™

Not so unexpectedly, Hollywood Elite Priority™ is an exceptional elite priority service. It is designed specifically for those who are accustomed to receiving additional attention, additional exclusivity, and additional priority out of the ordinary. Simply notify our customer services team at the beginning of your call to get ahead with Hollywood Elite Priority™. Let us know that you are a Hollywood Elite Priority™ customer and, if possible, we will go out of our way to accommodate you specifically ahead of everyone and everything else. That's the least we can do for you. With Hollywood Elite Priority™ it's always our pleasure to be of assistance to you. Otherwise, it just might be vice versa.

With Hollywood Elite Priority™ we will make the most of your time with us, and we really hope we have thought of everything in detail; have it just the way you like it, effortlessly. Whether you have chosen us for business or for pleasure, Hollywood Elite Priority™ will make your unique experience something to really look forward to. First off we take the stress out of travelling to and from office locations and Hollywood Franchises™ in bad weather or even worse the heavy London traffic; how about we come to visit you instead with our chauffeur driven car service at both ends of your service period so you simply won't have to. Sit back and relax. Let us do the hard work for you.

If alternative arrangements have been made that are more convenient for you, you can enjoy a streamlined serene start to your journey instead with plenty of customer service and maybe we will even include a few pleasant surprises. Your experience will always be personalized to suit your needs, and we will always have a dedicated representative available who checks-in with you regularly to make sure everything is just the way you like it. Our customer service representatives are all about customer satisfaction, yours specifically.

Whichever one of our services or experiences you are enjoying, when it's time for you to make a move or provide an input we will let you know in advance so you will always be well-prepared about what happens next. In the meantime we will give you plenty of personal space to relax, ideal for talking and enjoying delicious food and drink, or why not catch up with an old friend you haven't had a chance to meet for a while. It is fair to say that we've got you covered in all but a few scenarios.

With Hollywood Elite Priority™ by your side you will always arrive in style. You can totally focus on enjoying the moment while we do all the work and all the thinking for you or your company's behalf from beginning to the end. Even the wait will be perfect but of course we will help make sure you don't miss any queues, deadlines, or international flights in the meantime. We might even throw in some preflight champagne if you're a light sleeper, or if you'd rather stay awake surely there is lots we can do to keep you entertained.

Regrettably, the Hollywood Services Group™ apologizes in advance for occasions when our exceptional elite priority service, the Hollywood Elite Priority™, is more or less unavailable. Sometimes this is unavoidable, thus should be expected, as an ever increasing number of our customers specifically require this exceptional elite priority service simultaneously. Let us know that you are a Hollywood Elite Priority™ customer and, if possible, we will go out of our way to accommodate you specifically ahead of everyone and everything else. Rest assured, we will always do our best to fit you in if there is availability, but if there isn't we ask for your understanding and patience instead.