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Franchise costs & royalties

Seven types of franchise costs and royalties fees are typically associated with a Hollywood Franchise™ or a Hollywood Franchise License™. We only ask you to pay two upfront, plus a third or a fourth one if applicable depending on your business set up. And as you're here looking at the costs don't forget to also take a glance at the advantages to balance your view of the Return On Investment (ROI).

To be considered for a Hollywood Franchise™ or a Hollywood Franchise License™ is a great honor and a serious matter. As such, a comprehensive quality standard evaluation must be performed of (1) prospects (2) any existing operations. This ensures integrations go through smoothly and is a great three-way guarantee for you as the prospect, for us as the franchise, and for the customers. Evaluation fees are non-refundable and usually proportionate to the size of the evaluation.

Then there is the fixed franchise fee, the price you pay for affiliating with the Hollywood Franchise™ brand. To the contrary and as opposed to standard franchising, this does not you give you the right to use the Hollywood Services Group™ trademarks in any way, shape, or form without prior explicit written approval by the appropriate director(s). Any unauthorized trademark use is trademark infringement resulting in penalty fees, withdrawn franchise licenses, prosecution and imprisonment. Hopefully this sounds fair and square and helps you avoid disappointment. However the good news is that the fixed franchise fee gives you the right to become implemented in our franchise system, which branding, franchising, and franchise marketing really is all about anyways.

There is also a franchise royalty fee and a franchise marketing fee, both a fixed % of gross sales.

The Hollywood Alliance™ fee, a fixed % of gross sales, is a donation for support of The Affairs of The Hollywood Alliance™.

Quite frankly, the above are the only franchise costs and royalties you will be charge by us. Figures are set individually and independently for each franchise depending on specific circumstances unless franchises share similar traits.

No additional costs are involved other than what you need to invest to set up initially, just like with any other business. If you already have a business in place we may surprise you of what we can make work given existing resources and nothing more.