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Customers FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How do I contact individual local Hollywood Franchises™ and what are their opening hours?
A: You always telephone the All Inquiries Customer Services desk first as it's your best point of contact for all Hollywood Franchises™ and all inquiries. The switchboard is set to automatically redirect between your nearest available local Hollywood Franchises™.

Q: How do I approach The Hollywood Alliance™ regarding a donation or sponsorship?
A: The Hollywood Alliance™ is already committed to supporting many good causes and organisations, and provides an all year round programme of activities to help or raise money for those in need. We regret that we are unable to be more supportive at the present time.

Q: Sometimes I can't get through to the All Inquiries Customer Services desk. Why is that?
A: When local Hollywood Franchises™ are closed, unavailable, or operating at capacity, i.e. fully booked or busy with other customers, the switchboard automatically redirects to the next nearest one. When consecutive Hollywood Franchises™ face similar circumstances we ask for your understanding and patience instead.

Q: How can I visit an individual local Hollywood Franchise™ located close to me?
A: Unless stated otherwise, visits are by appointment only depending on the business setup, i.e. store, shop, office, clinic, studio, agency, restaurant, temporary location, event, onsite service, delivery or pick-up drop-off service, etc. Always telephone the All Inquiries Customer Services desk first. It's your best point of contact for all Hollywood Franchises™ and all inquiries.

Q: I've seen something on your website, online, or offline but it's no longer available. How can I find it?
A: The listed range of services, including potentially accompanying products, is a select range of what might actually be available. If you have seen something listed on our website, online, or offline but can't find it here it may be that it is (1) provided and will be listed with the next website update (2) provided on an exclusive, limited, or test basis (3) provided but impossible to locate due to a technical error (4) no longer provided. Please telephone the All Inquiries Customer Services desk for assistance.

Q: Do you provide a loyalty card? And if you do, how do I sign up for it?
A: We recognize loyalty and accept it at face value without the need for a loyalty card. In return for your loyalty, we show our appreciation for your custom by rewarding you directly every time you do business with us.

Q: I want to purchase a gift card. How can I do this?
A: We recognize the importance of gifts but accept it at face value without the need for a gift card. We suggest you telephone Customer Services when appropriate to notify them of your intentions as they are able to make specific arrangements in these cases.

Q: Does Hollywood Services Group™ or individual local Hollywood Franchises™ provide credit or payment plans?
A: We accept credit card, debit card, and online banking payments. Other than that we expect products, services, payments, and the customer service provided to be very well synchronized in every shape, size, and form. Surely you expect no less from us. If you find credit or payment plans more convenient, you may contact a financial institution for assistance.