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Professional positions

Web designer | PHP programmer | JavaScript programmer | Personal assistant | Administrative assistant | Studio photographer | Product photographer | Sales Representative | Massage therapist | Massage therapist sports/deep tissue | MAC computer repairs technician | Computer repairs technician (electronics parts)

Contact person(s): Pamela Norton
Contact method(s): Telephone, via the All Inquiries Customer Services desk.
Criteria(s): Outsourcing via self-employment, limited company, freelance, work from home, etc.

Careers & opportunities FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: I would love to work with the Hollywood Services Group™. What should I do?
A: You join our team! Our professional positions are outsourced via self-employment, limited company, freelance, work from home, etc. We are responsible professionals and we only work with such.

Q: Whom may fill a position, a limited company or self-employed person?
A: Positions may be filled by whomever can fill it. Whether it's a limted company with 100 employees or someone self-employed working from home is completely irrelevant as long as the job gets done professionally to a standard.

Q: Is it a good idea to send in details in advance via e-mail?
A: Unsolicited details rarely receive any fair consideration or any response. We recommend businesses and individuals visit our website frequently for the latest opportunities and only contact us using the mentioned contact method(s).

Q: I have found a position that potentially suits me. Now what do I do?
A: Assuming you fit one or more criteria(s) you contact the contact person(s) using the mentioned contact method(s). Details will then be specified along with screening criterias. A face-to-face meeting then follows.

Q: How often can positions be expected to get posted here?
A: Positions are posted/updated on this page up to four times per month, either last-minute or periodically. We recommend serious businesses and individuals visit us frequently to stay ahead of the competition.